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Clinical Study
Is Infrared Heat Safe?

FormoStar Infrared Body Wrap

Chronic Pain - Targeted Weight Loss - Improves Skin - Helps Arthritis

FormoStar Infrared Body Wrap Clinical Study


Some say that the FormoStar sounds too good to be true, but take a look at the clinical study below which helps us show that it really does work great!

“12 persons with weight problems, and 8 persons with degenerative joint conditions, that restricted movement, were submitted to a course of treatment using the FormoStar infrared, deep heat apparatus. Under clinical conditions pulse, blood pressure, blood picture, blood sedimentation and body temperature were measured; as well as liver functions and cholesterol measurements.  Joint mobility improvements were measured in the second group.  It was proven that the treatment resulted in significant weight reduction and substantial improvements in joint mobility.
Click here for the full FormoStar clinical study.
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